Bush Midwifery

Plan C.

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you couldn't take a person giving birth with complications to the hospital?  Me too.  This book is in response to that question.  We are in a time of unrest and the future is unknown.  We may not have immediate access to healthcare, and will have to seek out alternative solutions.  

Bush Midwifery is a compliation of research and in no way replaces medical advice and is not intended for non-health care providers.  This book is written as a compliment to the many amazing books that support the birthing person's experience.  Please check out my "Favorite Links" page to be redirected to some of my most loved resources.

-Ashwagandha the Birth Witness

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Now available!  Upon purchase, you should be able to download an E-book, available to open on Kindle, and iBook.  It may also work on alternative e-book readers.  

PLEASE ALLOW UP TO 24 HOURS TO RECEIVE THE BOOK VIA EMAIL.  The E-book does not automatically send upon payment, I have send it manually.

If for any reason, you cannot successfully open the book please email me at bushmidwifery@gmail.com and I will do my best to help you access the book.

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The book costs $25 with a $5 shipping and handling fee for domestic shipping via USPS Priority Mail.  This does not include insurance.  Insurance is available at an additional fee, if needed please email me. 

Please privately contact me for shipping cost outside of the US at bushmidwifery@gmail.com

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About Ashwagandha the Birth Witness

Ashwagandha the Birth Witness

Ashwagandha is a Nurse Practitioner who lives with her three children in Michigan. She appreciates above all family, the Earth, and mysticism. She is a graduate of The House of Matrona's Holistic Midwifery Program where this book was born. Ashwagandha has spent the last ten years as a doula, midwife assistant, midwife student, nurse, and Mother to 3 children.  She doesn't know where the next ten years will bring her or the rest of the human race, but she's remaining optimistic.


Ashwaganda's book is not only a must for midwives, but for women everywhere. As a woman on this planet, as a fellow feminist, I am glad this book exists. It's a book that women can pick up, no matter what their experience level, and learn how to safely stand present at a birth, give birth and be witness to life. This book truly mixes the world of science with mysticism in order to offer us a balanced glimpse into how to take birth into our own hands. 

-Jen Antill; Author, Astrologer & Former Birth Worker

I purchased Bush Midwifery for a course I am taking, but my copy was lost in the mail. I reached out to Ash about it and she went above and beyond in her customer service to make sure I got my new copy. I've only thumbed through the book so far but I already love the practical nature of this handbook. The diagrams, photos and drawings are hugely helpful as I'm a very visual learner. This book lives in my birth bag now, and I know I'll be referencing it every time I have questions or am curious about natural remedies for both birth and breastfeeding issues. Thanks Ash!

Sophia, doula